change of address

Change of address

Use this online form to change your home and/or postal address online, rather than contacting multiple Queensland Government departments/services.

Before you start

Read the information below to check that this service is right for you.

    1. Step 1: Can I use this service?

      You can change your residential and/or postal address.

      You can't change your business address.

      To change your business address, please call 13 QGOV (13 74 68) for more information.

    1. Step 2: Which Queensland Government services can you notify?
      Show me the full list of Queensland Government services

      You may need to provide reference numbers (e.g. driver's licence number).
      Have these on hand before you start.

      Services you can update with your new address

      * These services require additional information (e.g. reference number)

      This service is unavailable at this time. Please try again later.
      We apologise for this inconvenience.
    1. Step 3: Why do I need to prove my identity?

      To protect your privacy, we need to verify your identity before you can change your address. Select start to register or login to setup a QGov account.

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